no turning back...

no turning back

The past week has been exhausting. Catching the flu in what's been crunch week for two work projects wasn't a great start, though in comparison to other things that have been going on it's merely an inconvenience.

four months on...

in the sky with broken friends

xenon photon discharge through silver-iodo-bromide...

xenon photon discharge through silver-iodo-bromide

I picked up some recent x-rays and thought it might be fun to try to take a photo of them. Since I don't happen to have a lightbox (who would have thought?) I came up with the idea of backlighting the sheet by remote triggering my new Speedlight. It worked pretty well!

bouquet debris...

bouquet debris

Over the past week most of my time has been spent doing work, so there haven't been many opportunities to post updates here, and even fewer available for any photography.

Strong northerly winds have swept through since Friday, which has surely pleased the kitesurfers. Passing the cemetery this afternoon (where I dropped by to see a friend) I noticed a number of bouquets had been blown away, coming to rest on the nearby road (see above).

Meanwhile some rellies are up here for the weekend (sans their yappy dog, thankfully). My oldest brother is spending the weekend packing as he's just sold his house, while my "second-older" brother was going to be staying here for the weekend but changed his mind; he'll be here next weekend and hopefully toting his brand-spanking-new Roland Fantom, a seriously wicked synth workstation! On the topic of audio devices, I've upgraded my iPod mini "down" to an iPod nano.