machinery of the sky...

machinery of the sky

4 years, an empty window...

4 years, an empty window



No, I'm not a drug addict, although I could be driven to becoming one given the annoying behaviour of my computer over the past 24 hours (RAID array failure; no data lost, just time and some cash). Rather, that's an antihistamine.

I feel a bit frustrated having only updated the site once in the past month, but that "necessary evil" of work has been in the way of doing more entertaining things. Never-the-less, work means money and money means trips to the snow! And there is snow to see now, thanks to winter finally arriving.

Snowfalls early in the season don't necessarily indicate that the season as a whole will be good, but there's hope in the break down of El Niño and the corresponding strengthening of La Niña. Last year saw a series of blocking high pressure systems keep the moisture and cold air away from the alps but this year is looking far more promising.

Next month I'll be snowboarding at Mt Hotham, which will guarantee more updates here! My accommodation is booked and paid for but I haven't finalised how I'm going to get there. Since I'll be going by myself this year I'm thinking of passing through Canberra on the way to Mt Hotham. I've never been there before so it'll provide an excuse to see the place and say hi to friends. After Mt Hotham the plan is to drop by Mt Beauty and, depending on the snow, visit Falls Creek as well. After that, the return might be via Melbourne as it's easy to travel to Melbourne from Mt Beauty via a coach at night.

Hmm, so many things to think about :)