a broken arrow...

2008-01-27 – Sunday – 19:25:07
a broken arrow

A view of tunnelling equipment at the North portal of the North-South Bypass Tunnel in Brisbane. At 6.8 km in length, the tunnel passes under the Brisbane river and its construction should be finished two years from now in 2010.

structurally sound...

2008-01-25 – Friday – 15:39:33
structurally sound

Last week a friend invited me to check out Cloverfield and it's definitely one of the better movies I've seen recently. Meanwhile I was out of town yesterday and had a few minutes to snap some photos. Above, an exposed wall post-demolition on what is about to be a new carparking lot. I received some puzzled looks from passers-by while taking this...

The main street of Gympie (where the photo was taken) is very photogenic due to buildings of various ages being mixed together, so I'm looking forward to spending more time there to take photos.

free at last...

2008-01-22 – Tuesday – 03:10:35
free at last

new horizons...

2008-01-12 – Saturday – 10:15:38
new horizons

Welcome to 2008! It was a busy Christmas and New Years here, and a wet one. We've had more rain in the past month than I can remember ever having and everything is finally looking green again. Friends from Canberra made it up this way to say hello, and while the first day was rainy and miserable, the second cleared up and we all got too much sun! But it was a good start to the New Year :)

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