a clean slate...

2005-06-20 – Monday – 01:36:06

Since I haven't had time in the past week to do any purely recreational photography (instead, all of it has been for work), I thought I'd share two of my favourite photos from this week last year!

road to falls

On the road from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek, leaning out the window and freezing. That morning it snowed in Mount Beauty, rare considering its elevation of only 335 metres, so the road had snow all the way from Mount Beauty to Falls Creek village at an elevation of 1500 metres.

fresh falls

And this was taken just outside the Gully Cafe/Falls Creek Race Club.

But back to present times, this week has felt unusually long. I did some photography for a local school, documenting part of a project they're running, which was a different and fun experience. My Sony earbuds arrived early and work very well; the frequency response is impressive for something so small, but most importantly they're comfortable to wear under a beanie ;)

The weekend brought a little time for art development, completing additional details on an artwork that's remained static for about a year because I didn't know how to take the concept further. I also researched a new topic which inspired the creation of a new artwork and I'm happy with how it's progressing.