a life of crime...

2008-09-21 – Sunday – 05:13:47
a life of crime

I know, I know! It's been a month since I posted the last update and even then it didn't have accompanying text. It's been frustrating not having the time to grab the camera on a regular basis but that will change. In case you were wondering the previous photos were taken just outside Grandchester at the wedding of friends of ours.

So what's the latest? A string of bad luck and strange happenings, that's what! I must have unknowingly upset the universe (maybe not posting enough updates?) because it's like I'm cursed. My karma is off or some fraction of qi is askew, for sure. It's now a running joke with my family that I need to start "staying out of trouble". Abused by some random guy for taking a photo, questioned by police late at night and assumed to be a criminal ("when was the last time you were in trouble with the police?"), credit card details stolen and used to make unauthorised overseas transactions (and then the investigation into it messed up)... just a very summarised selection. Orders with companies delayed or complicated, products unexpectedly discontinued, clients' projects messed up by third parties and systems that've fallen over simultaneously. The list goes on. One of the few good things to have happened was receiving a Heritage Award from the National Trust Queensland - very unexpected and random.

I'd like to write more but it will have to wait. It's past 5 AM and the sky is lightening, which means it's time I got into bed.

I leave you with the above picture of a stack of dead and unhealthy hard drives which have needed replacing over the past two years.