a quiver of one...

a quiver of one

A few weekends ago I bought my first snowboard (a 2005 Burton Custom). I'm getting a little ahead of things since the official start of the season is still 136 days away, but there's nothing like being ready I suppose :) I still have to get bindings (it'd be pretty useless without them) and a travel bag.

Dad and I have also been doing more work on the pinball machine that's been in restoration since... forever. It's nearing completion now and the hard work is out of the way. All of the new cabinet artwork has been applied and only the front has to be trimmed back, then it's ready to bolt back together. It's starting to look like a pinball machine again. I haven't had time to update the pinball restoration page but I'll add photos to there soon which show the sanding/spray putty/painting/decal process.

The weather has been hot and sticky lately, which I hate, so I'll be glad when winter starts creeping into the air again.