carry-on only...

carry-on only

After an 80 minute flight with a smooth landing, there was now a striking edge of cold to the air. Although the runway had been cleared of snow there were large sheets of ice around the terminal building (which is a compact, minimalist and modern structure) - it made for some fun for unsuspecting travellers. Also worth a mention was the number of babies on the flight - 6 or 7 of them crying, and several small children. In a plane with only 36 seats, that makes for an interesting flight.

It was now just a 20 km bus trip via Dinner Plain (a small village above the snow line) and I was there, greeted by a spectacular setting sun throwing golden vibrancy on the snow.

golden veil

Click for a larger panorama showing the Gotcha, Keogh's and The Orchard area of Mt Hotham.