city of sole...

city of sole

I spotted this pair last week while on the way to a meeting with a client. It's an interesting practise - like anonymously leaving your mark on the world, for a time at least. That is, if you're not a believer in any of the various absurd theories of shoes-on-power-lines; as if it needs explaining.

That same afternoon my PDA's battery died. I knew it was on its way out but I didn't get the chance to make a backup of the RAM. I lost a bunch of recently-entered appointments, but it was no big deal (except forgetting a meeting on Tuesday, ow!). The new battery arrived yesterday and is substantially better than the original. It's a custom 2000 mAh battery by Mugen Power, who also make an impressive 5800 mAh version which is quite a bit heavier but which would last for weeks without needing a recharge.