co-mingled recycling...

co-mingled recycling

After a few days surrounded by good company in Mt Beauty it was time to say goodbye and start the return leg of the trip. With the last effects of the food poisoning finally disappearing I boarded a late afternoon flight to Melbourne from Albury on Regional Express. The sun sank into an ocean of bright pink and orange clouds and it was dark long before touching down. Picked up by my cousin and his wife we did some chatting, eating, neighbourhood dog-walking and sound-mix listening and before long it was time to get some shut eye. I really do enjoy Melbourne in the winter but I never seem to have enough time there!

Striving to make the most of the next day, but with a slightly delayed start, I jumped on a train into the city (surprising myself by not becoming hopelessly lost while doing so), grabbed some breakfast and then started snapping. One of my fondest memories that morning was the compliment an elderly lady gave me when I held a door open for her; it's funny how a small moment can become such a highlight in the mind. Above, a not-meant-to-be-seen of Federation Square.