The weather wasn't great for taking photos today (lots of rain), so here's one from a little while back - the classic chore of dragging upwind. Below is a (polarised) shot from the other day after launching a kite for some guy I didn't catch the name of. The size of these kites can be very deceptive; when they're up in the air they don't look particularly big, but this one has a 12 metre area (and they go up to about 20 metres). The lower your weight and/or the higher the wind speed, the smaller the kite you need, lest you find yourself the unwilling participant in a spectacular loft, flailing dangerously high above sea level.


I've ordered a set of Kenko extension tubes through the local camera store which may or may not take a long time to arrive. When they do arrive you can expect to see some macro experiments posted here.

And now, sleep.