dubla in motion...

2005-03-02 – Wednesday – 03:59:47

My Lenspen finally arrived and seems to work as advertised (though I'm told you shouldn't use them on filters!) - I'm surprised just how well it cleans; there's no traces like with a lens cloth. Ironically the local camera store started stocking them last week, LOL.

This afternoon I went out to take some more photos:

dubla in motion

I'm currently waiting for a render to finish which will be integrated into a new board design. It's been rendering for 110 hours, or a little over four and a half days. It still has more than 26 hours remaining and it's already crashed once (about 2 days into the first try), so hopefully this time I'll have better luck. The new design is going to be very organic, with a "painted" style to it.

In other news, my first billboard design should go up today, which is kinda exciting!

My body must be producing adenosine overtime - it's been months since I've felt this tired. Time for sleep!