G for George...

2007-08-22 – Wednesday – 05:11:07
G for George

Above, somewhat the centrepiece of ANZAC Hall and part of a "reenactment" display, is AR-G of the No. 460 Squadron RAAF. Now restored and preserved, it flew 90 combat missions during World War II with all crew returning alive. Below and behind it I was surprised to see a massive plaque from a German dam attacked in "Operation Chastise" on May 17th, 1943 (the operation is well-known for the "bouncing bombs" used to target the dam walls).


And this is the bullet-time-frozen explode of a Japanese midget submarine, from below, while this is the same hardware from the side:

light and depth

This is assembled from two of the three midget submarines that snuck into, and attacked ships in, Sydney Harbour. The third had disappeared, its fate unknown for over 60 years until it was discovered on the bottom of the ocean by amateur divers last year.