how to disappear completely...

2005-08-07 – Sunday – 05:10:30

I've booked my flights and in a little over two weeks' time I'll be heading to Falls Creek. Getting flights from here was a little tricky: as all flights from here take off in the afternoon it made it difficult to find connecting flights to get closer to the Victorian Alps that left late enough to allow time for the luggage transfer and check-in.

Eventually I found two flights that should work... from here at 15:30 arriving in Sydney at 17:15, then departing again on a non-connecting flight from Sydney at 18:55 and arriving in Albury at 20:15, where a friend is going to pick me up and take me to Mount Beauty (which will be my base for accessing Falls Creek).

I haven't yet determined a way back (there are no return flights that line up properly), but it's getting there that's the important part ;)