it takes a village (to make a movie)...

it takes a village (to make a movie)

While I was having a late lunch a few days ago I noticed the film crew for the movie Subdivision shooting a scene at one of our local landmarks. The movie's due for release next year and they've been in town for a few weeks as, from what I understand, it's based on the true story of a resident. I took a few pics of the cast and crew doing their thing and had a brief chat with the location manager, who I think was concerned with who I photographing for. The number of people it takes to shoot a movie and the equipment required is quite significant, so it must be tricky co-ordinate and shoot on location with the amount of interest from passers-by (and with pesky people like me snapping away in the background). There were trucks full of gear, roads blocked off by police and a small village of people milling.

On the circuit front, all the components are soldered on and it's working perfectly! Phew! It hasn't been tested with a 240 volt supply as yet but the test on a lower voltage worked flawlessly, so I can't imagine any reason it won't work in the final configuration. I will keep you posted :D