keeping pace...

2005-03-24 – Thursday – 05:37:53

I've started adding a few small enhancements to the garbage script. Now it has better markup and a little area at the bottom that links to the journals of people I know, or other journals which I regularly read. Eventually I'll convert the whole site to the newer system.

Now that more than 50% of visitors to this site are running Firefox I thought it apt to show my support with a "take back the web" logo. Browsers that stick to the standards sure make my life easier! Speaking of which, don't you find it interesting that Microsoft has been maintaining for a long time that there'd be no new version of IE before Longhorn, but suddenly they've now backflipped and have announced that IE7 will ship for XP later this year? Someone's getting scared. I predict the new version of IE will finally receive tabbed browsing, a feature which Opera, Mozilla and Firefox have had for years. My fear is that a new version of IE will just mean more non-standard behaviour that will require new hacks. These days I see no reason to use IE6 (except for visiting IE legacy sites, bleh) when alternatives like Firefox and Safari exist.

Welcome to Browser War II.