steam machine...

steam machine

I was invited on a little trip on a restored steam train that operates out of my home town. My nephew is really into trains (though mostly of the mass-marketed 1500-accessories Thomas the Tank Engine variety), so it was quite an experience for him. For me it was a nice opportunity to do some more photography, plus things that run on steam are cool.

Half way through the trip I realised that the eyecup on my D70 had disappeared. It must have rubbed against my shirt and fallen off when I was sheltering the camera from the soot (and yes, getting soot in your eyes really does hurt as much as older, wiser people will tell you!). I did a Google, found the replacement part, then ordered two; it seems that having the eyecup fall off is fairly common on the D70 (which is surprising, since you have to slide it up to remove it).