500 year survivor...

2009-12-31 – Thursday – 17:54:43
500 year survivor

The Mona Lisa. I'm glad that they've placed it in an obscure location, forcing people to walk through various halls first so that visitors inadvertently sees other great works, even if they don't recognise their significance. It's funny watching everyone crowd around taking photos of it instead of taking it in through their own eyes.

they're not listening still

It would be great to have a week to spend just exploring the Louvre! The building itself is an expansive work of art.


2009-12-24 – Thursday – 23:13:28

After the Arc it was back underground for a very brief Métro ride to Musée du Louvre! A trip to the Louvre presents a similar problem to Versailles, with so much on display that you can spend hours and have seen only a small proportion. Though, most people are there for just one painting...