rather be

2015-08-26 – Wednesday – 00:20:11
rather be

First arriving flight of the morning, 6:20 AM, through customs sleepily and then up a level to the bliss of a hot shower for around 1,000 ¥. Best $10 I've ever spent. Refreshed but no less tired, down to the train station to work out how to get from Narita 成田 to Tokyo 東京.

Taking the Narita Express (with its wonderful Japanese name of 成田エクスプレス, literally Narita ekusupuresu), was simple enough, a comfortable and quiet hour through increasing city sprawl, struggling to keep from nodding off. Seeing the first of many “passenger injury” bulletins...

On to Shibuya 渋谷 where I'd be staying, suitcase hauled through its tangled station and an ocean of people, out to street level and the famous scramble crossing.

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