2010-05-27 – Thursday – 00:19:36

Overlooking the intersection of Eastcheap, Gracechurch and King William, near the Monument to the Great Fire of London.

semtex to estonia...

2010-05-24 – Monday – 02:58:15
semtex to estonia

The top third of 30 St Mary Axe and a random brick wall. The famous building is on the land previously occupied by the Baltic Exchange building before it was destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1992.

euro zero zero...

2010-05-19 – Wednesday – 01:54:28
like i've been here before
a second to see

Access walkways in the Tube: not like the tiled pleasantry of the M├ętro, utilitarian at best.


2010-05-12 – Wednesday – 02:49:01

Looking back up Regent Street toward Piccadilly Circus before heading along Pall Mall to Trafalgar Square.

push, rest, lift, lock...

2010-05-08 – Saturday – 03:36:25
push, rest, lift, lock

rapid transit...

2010-05-06 – Thursday – 02:43:21
rapid transit

Baker Street Station and the famous Underground roundel (as perfected by Edward Johnston; font geeks note, the same Johnston responsible for the Johnston Sans typeface which subsequently inspired Eric Gill's design of Gill Sans).