uncanny valley

uncanny valley

Upward from a junction between bridge and courtyard, backing against a trinket store which occupied a space suggestive of a floor plan bisected.

washed away...

washed away



Strata of brick, plaster, electrics and sky. This over-texturing is endlessly pleasing to the eye, at once intricate and ignorable. The mind boils the conscious details away until only the feeling is left, of complexity, of grit and of things made by hands.



A canyon of buildings on The Grand Canal, viewed from the shop-laden Rialto Bridge. While I wasn't aware of it when taking this photo, these are the same constructions featured in the "sinking building" scene of Casino Royale.

Navigating over bridges and under buildings to each group of conglomerate structures feels like island-hopping an archipelago, while trying to find a toilet is a tormenting game of following a breadcrumb trail of painted WCs on the stone paths. When you find the treasure, expect to pay hard cash for its use, as is often the case in Europe.