dingo proof fence...

dingo proof fence
the colour of clarity

My friend Todd visited for the weekend and we took a little trek over to Fraser Island to take some photos and look around :) Above is one of the gate warning signs on the fence that surrounds Kingfisher Bay, and Big Woody Island as seen from south of Kingfisher Bay, while walking through the bush to the old site of the Z Force commando camp...

z force

And here's what's left of it - not much! (60 years of salt air will do that...)

It was a hot day, mosquitoes and marsh flies chasing us constantly, but it was nice to get away, catch up and do something different. I'm not sure how far we walked but the trail looked like no one had used it in a while. Luckily my new Lowepro Mini Trekker arrived on Friday and it made carrying everything a lot easier than it would otherwise have been.

The outskirts of the island are fairly dry, so it'd be great to have a couple of days and take a 4WD to see the rainforest areas like Central Station, as well as visit Lake McKenzie and the east coast which are too far to walk to in half a day.

When we got back I was surprised to find that all of the photos had disappeared from my Compact Flash card! I'm not sure what happened, but I tried a few recovery programs and they only returned corrupted junk. Todd had a spare card so I borrowed that when we tried some long exposure shots that night...

waiting in the wind

Later, after trying another recovery program, about 90% of the photos were restored - phew! It makes me a little nervous about using the card though.

My body clock was a bit whacked and I felt pretty tired on Sunday, but catching up and not having to think about work and other obligations was great :) I'll post a few more photos in the next couple of days!