playing it out...

2005-12-26 – Monday – 01:03:18
playing it out

Merry Christmas! The day was hot, peaking around 38°C, and it ended with a nice electrical storm. Even now it's still over 30°C...

Seeing everyone again, even only briefly, sharing a few laughs and lots of food, was a fresh change from the routine of the past month. It's been a crazy few weeks and I'm glad that it's over, because my sanity was at risk of being kidnapped by clients and code, among other things! That goes a long way to explaining why there haven't been any updates until now.

This shot was taken using my new Manfrotto tripod which arrived just a couple of days ago, earlier than anticipated. It was like having two Christmases! The "huge" geared head is an awesome piece of engineering and the moment you first turn the quick release on one of the gears you realise that you wouldn't want anything else.

More updates soon.