sen yuu...

2005-06-06 – Monday – 03:39:10
sen yuu

After a month and a half of waiting it appeared that my extension tube back order had become lost in the system, so I cancelled it and ordered the tube set from overseas instead. Ironically, two days later the tubes arrived at the local camera store. However, the order from overseas has already arrived and the tubes work great - more photos will be posted online in the next couple of days. I love macro! Above is a shot of my dogtags. The extension tubes allow you to get extremely close with a very narrow depth of field.


And on the other end of the spectrum is this wide-angle shot (which was taken a few weeks ago), out of town at the house of friends of ours. I love the warm feeling of the place.

On the weekend I headed to Brisbane for a little celebration my brothers and I organised for mum and dad's wedding anniversary. It went really well! Additionally I gave my new GPRS card a test - it's really handy to have access to the net anywhere you go. Shamelessly I did some winter clothes shopping - a new jacket (not exactly a Buzz Rickson, but the same utilitarian feel ;) and also picked up the latest Coldplay album.

In associated news, a new Pioneer DVD video recorder has abolished the evils of VHS from my life.