The following day, a bright and early start - lacing up the boots, strapping on the board and finding the feeling again. Beautiful skies and white everywhere! After an hour my muscles were beginning to remember and I tried a few runs that I didn't get the chance to hit last year. It's a wonderful moment when your body starts working instinctively and you don't have to think about it any more; you're just cruising with the wind in your face.

The first day seemed to fly by and soon enough the lifts started closing and it was time to wind down too.

After watching the snowgroomers crawling the slopes at night last year I was jumping at the opportunity to get in one! This year at Mt Hotham that was now a possibility in the form of snowgrooming tours that allow you to ride shotgun while they do their stuff!

There are only 3 places per night (the groomers only seat an operator and one passenger) and I was lucky enough to get the perfect timeslot (just after the sun had set) for the following evening.